The Doin's is now available "On Line"

 This is how the Electronic Version of the E-Mail will work

The Doin's will NOT be available on the Missouri Federation website.

The Doin's WILL be provided as an Acrobat File (pdf) sent to your E-Mail.

You may receive the Doin's by E-Mail, by mail, or both for the same price.

If you access your E-Mail on your smart cell phone, you can open the Doin's there.

If you access your E-Mail on your computer, you can open the Doin's there.

If you access your E-Mail on both, you can open the Doin's on both.

Once you receive a Doin's by E-Mail, you can save it to your computer or
smart phone for future reference.

You may NOT pass it on to anyone else.

 This is what you have to do to receive the Doins' Electronic
Version or both the Electronic & the Mailed paper versions


Have an E-Mail account & address.


Be able to access your E-Mail on a computer or smart phone.


Fill out the Doin's subscription form specifying that you want want to receive
 the Doin's in an Adobe pdf file E-Mailed to you


If you are already a Doin's subscriber, you STILL must fill out and sign a new
copy of the form


If you are already a subscriber, check the box by "Change of Address".
Do not send any additional money.


On the Subscription form check the box by
"I want the Doin's in an Adobe pdf file Emailed to me".
If you do this and do not check the next box, you will receive both the
Doin's by E-Mail, and the paper version.


If you want ONLY the pdf version by E-Mail, check the box by
"I Only want the Doin's Electronically".


You MUST sign the form saying that you will not give or send anyone the
Adobe Pdf file of the Doins.


You MUST mail the form to Ruth Ann Reynolds.

 For a copy of the Doin's Subscription Form - Click Here
This form may be printed and filled out or filled out "On Line" and printed.

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Updated 8/26/18