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Updated 12/20/15

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Bobby Lightfoot
Slater, Missouri

1991 Caller / Cuer Hall of Fame

Bobby & Noreen Lightfoot

Calling for 36 years

Elected first secretary-treasurer of Missouri State Federation

Traveled all over the state organizing member districts and
getting the organization rolling

Staff member of the Heart of America Square and Round Dance
Festival at Lake Park, Camdenton, Missouri for 13 years

Attended 19 Missouri Festivals

Past member of Western Missouri Callers Association

Past staff member at Western Hills, Wagner, Oklahoma

Member of Callerlab since 1981

Current club caller for Boots & Slippers, Marshall, Mo

Past club caller "Pistols & Petticoats" - Kansas City, Missouri - 8 years

Wife Noreen, 4 children, 10 grandchildren

Thank you, Bobby and Noreen, for all your years of dedication to our wonderful activity and look forward to dancing to you in the future

Missouri Square and Round Dancers

This award was initiated by The Southwest District in 1991 and relinquished to the Missouri
State Federation for future recipients.