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Updated 10/22/20

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Louise Coleman
Cross Trailers Square Dance Club
Raytown, Missouri
Northwest District

2021 Square Dancer of the Year


Square dance lessons began, and a newly married couple found themselves enjoying lots of fun which eventually led them to develop long lasting relationships with new friends She is still best of friends with the dancer who invited her and her husband to lessons in 1971.

Life was never boring while her children were growing up as the many activities, such as school functions and PTA, were not only rewarding but kept them hopping. Years followed which involved divorce, busyness with the children and a full-time job. This caused the dancing to be put on hold. Can anyone else relate?

Falling in love, which led to a second marriage, sparked life back to the dance floor. The "Happy Rocks" then became a life of new life-time friendships.

Life had just not been easy as another marriage bit the dust. That did not stop this wonderful person. No way!!! Those dancing feet filled the shoes again and became a huge part of clubs—Swinging Oaks and Cross Trailers. This is when many of us began to enjoy this dancer’s company.

Some of her accomplishment include:

Now and for the past 2 years, Visitation Chairman for the Northwest District Clubs.

2018 Director Room Coordinator for the 67th National Convention

She has attended HASSDA festivals now for 13 years and was previously Newsletter Editor for the distribution of a 12 page HASSDA Newsletter for 900 people.

Insurance Coordinator and corresponding Secretary for the Heart of America Federation spanning from 2007-2009

Fit N Fun Dance Association Coordinator of Insurance for 5 years.

It doesn’t stop here! This dear dancer, a very smart one we might add, just keeps on going. Did we mention that Louise Coleman held the Secretary position for the Blue District KSDA until a hearing problem caused her to resign.

She’s good at what she does and never complains. Her accomplishments are endless. She moved to Kansas City, was married at 19, began raising 4 children, became a grandmother of twins no less and has overcome some serious health issues. The past 8 years she has been the President and newsletter writer for Missouri Federation Northwest District's Cross Trailers, Diamond Rounds member, plus a member of the NW District’s KC Plus Club. Louise Coleman truly fits square and round dance shoes well showing us that she can tough out life even though it isn’t easy.

She knows how to get’er done, to motivate, to appoint and to have a good time. She entertains many potluck/parties for meetings or get-togethers at her house. She is a real champion hostess. She wears many many hats! I wonder how many of us could extend ourselves to such a variety of offices and become so great a family friend with each dancer we would meet?

She did a marvelous job as Missouri Federation 2016 NW District chairman for the Fashion Show Making it the best! She said, “I think it is my Mid-America upbringing on a farm in Missouri that makes me believe that if I am going to participate in something or if my children are, I should do my fair share to support whatever the activity is.” She says that she is not a high energy person and that she thinks it is getting close to time to learn to say NO. REALLY?