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January 2008

Live Wires

In April, 1967 the "Dickey Goobers" square dance club was federated with the Heart of America Federation. The caller was Ted Posey and the club danced every Friday night at the Delta Wing Service Club, Richards Gebaur Air Force Base, Belton, Missouri. The sponsoring clubs were: Rhythm 8's, Grandview Squares, and Town & Country Squares.

At the start of the 1967-68 dance season, caller Ted Posey received orders for service in Vietnam and Bill Coleman became the new caller for the "Dickey Goobers". Bill had been calling since 1957, most recently for three clubs in Tennessee while stationed there.

In February, 1971, at the request of the base commander, the name of the club was changed to Live Wires Square Dance Club. In keeping with the communication mission of Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base, a symbol of communications was selected for the club emblem.

In the fall of 1977, caller Peery Lindsey, gave lessons to six couples and formed the Belmo Tops Square Dance Club. Although the club did not have sufficient membership to be federated, they were an active club, and had another class of students in the fall of 1978. In late 1978, the Live Wires visited the Belmo Tops and had an enjoyable evening of dancing. Caller Bill Coleman, now retired from the Air Force and in the insurance business, wanted to retire from calling, and he felt that Peery Lindsey was the caller to replace him with the Live Wires. In January the two clubs decided that the Belmo Tops would join with the Live Wires, and both gentleman called for the club for the remainder of the dance season. In September, 1979, Peery Lindsey became the full-time caller of the Live Wires and has been their caller to the present time. Bill Coleman retired from calling, but remained a member of the Live Wires and a big booster for square dancing, until his death in 1999.

After dancing for many years at the Air Base, the Live Wires, danced for a short time at St. Matthews Presbyterian Church in Grandview, and Scott Elementary School in Belton, In June 1981, the club moved to their present dance location, Hillcrest Elementary School, Belton, Missouri.

Through the years, the Live Wires have been a visible part of the community; participating in "Operation Handshake" at the Air Force Base and from 1978 through 2004 we have hosted square dancing at Belton Community Days each June. The Live Wires have had five Knot-Head Trips (driving 100 miles or more to attend a regular club dance and return the same evening) to Nevada, Missouri, Sedalia, Missouri, Marshall, Missouri and twice to Brookfield, Missouri. Starting in 1983, the club members and families enjoyed camp-out week-ends each summer; first at Pomme de Terre and later at Lynn Valley Lakes. Because of a decrease in "camping dancers", in 1996 we discontinued the camp-outs and began an annual picnic for all current and former members. For several years we have enjoyed an ice cream social in August in anticipation of another dance season. We have also enjoyed hayrides and wiener roasts.


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