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Letter From Boundaries & Relations Committee

Clubs & Districts Discussion

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Re-Districting Proposals:

Missouri Divided Into 4 Districts

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List Of Clubs & Members In Proposed 4 Districts

Missouri Divided Into 5 Districts

Map Showing Proposed Districts

List Of Clubs & Members In Proposed 5 Districts

Clubs & Districts

Boundaries & Relations

This is a partial email we received from a concerned Mo Fed member. This is what has prompted a new look at the Boundaries. We all know something needs to be done. We need to get feedback from our clubs and follow through with some much-needed changes. There has been talk of 5 districts, 4 districts or even just 2 districts.

What we have is not sustainable. We now have only one club in the Southeast District and 3 clubs each in the Central and West Central Districts. How can we expect those clubs to organize a state festival?

I understand that we have done all that we can think of to boost club membership and support individual clubs. Instead of burying our heads in the sand, I believe that we need to do something to support these struggling districts.

I am asking that we get this issue on our meeting agenda and take some action.

I also believe that, after we get the districting issue decided, it is not necessary for us to have six meetings a year. There are often a good number of "No Report." Quarterly meetings would be enough. I would recommend meetings in January (could be postponed until February if weather requires) April, July and October.

I know that all of this will require a large amount of discussion and work to change our Constitution, but I do believe that it is necessary.

Thanks for your consideration.


Central District - 3 Clubs / 54 Dancers
NE District - 5 Clubs / 160 Dancers
NW District - 14 Clubs / 432 Dancers
SE District - 1 Club / 31 Dancers
St. Louis Metro - 9 Clubs / 375
SW District - 11 Clubs / 239
WC District - 3 Clubs / 50 Dancers

Proposed Mo Fed State Meetings - Jan, April, July, Oct

Updated 4/23/20