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Updated 12/20/15

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Monroe Bollinger
Benton, Missouri

1996 Caller / Cuer Hall of Fame


The Promenalres Square Dance Club of Cape Glrardeau, HMItoppers Square dance Club and Southeast Federation of Square Clubs proudly nominate Mr. Monroe BolIinger for the Missouri Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs Caller and Cuer Hall of Fame Award.

Monroe has been calling In the Southeast Missouri 35 years. He has been club caller for clubs In:

Paducah, Kentucky

Charleston, Missouri

Cape Glrardeau, Missouri

Jackson, Missouri

He Is still club caller for two clubs and does guest calling In and around the Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri area. Monroe has been very active In teaching square dancing throughout this area for many years.

Monroe has, and still does, call at numerous community functions around the area providing entertainment for the public In an effort to promote square dancing. He calls demonstration dances at several nursing homes, an ongoing event for many years, to provide entertainment for the patients at these facilities. Virtually without exception, these are done free by Monroe simply because of his love of the activity and his desire to promote and enhance square dancing. The following are a list of ongoing demos and exhibitions performed each year:

Southeast Missouri Fair

Deal Nursing Home

Cape Girardeau Nursing Center

Bond Nursing Home

Cape LaCroIx Nursing Home

Chateau Girardeau

Fountalnblue Nursing Home

Benton Neighbor Day

Oran Fall Festival

Cape Girardeau Riverfest (since Its beginning)

There are many others but I think you get the Idea. Monroe and his wife, Marie, are totally dedicated to promoting square dancing throughout Southeast Missouri.

Other activities Monroe Is Involved In Include: attendance at the Missouri State Festivals for approximately 16 years, member of the Missouri Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs, member of the Southeast District, member of Callerlab and licensed by BMI and ASCAP. Monroe volunteers each year to call at the Southeast District Doins Dance. He was MC for the Missouri State Festival In 1932. Since the flood of '93, he has volunteered his efforts and called at a dance each August which raised money to aid In the cleanup and relief efforts In the area. He and Marie graciously open their home several times each year to host club parties and meetings.

Monroe and Marie Bollinger are an exceptional couple who have spent much of their lives dedicated to the activity of square dancing. They are a very special couple who are always there if needed. We feel strongly that Mr. Bollinger Is deserving of this award. He has spent over 35 years doing this with an Intense loyalty to the activity and has done a tremendous amount to promote square dancing In Southeast Missouri. We have nominated him several times In the past and we feel as strongly today as we did then that Monroe Is very deserving of this very special award.

This award was initiated by the Southwest District in 1991 and relinquished to the Missouri State Federation for future recipients.