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InterNet Communication Network Message: 

July 25, 2007 

Dear Square Dancers,

                 The 48th Annual Missouri State Dance is moving closer, (19, 20 & 21 October 2007), and things are looking good.

 Are you all pre-registered? As of the 18th of July 2007, we have 312 pre-registered.   Remember that in order to get a Souvenir Book and qualify for a door prize, you must pre-register.  You have until the 1st of October to pre-register, get your Souvenir Book and save some money. Forms are in the DOIN's or Bob and Faye Anglin ( (573) 374-9609 will be happy to assist you. 

There are still a lot of raffle tickets out there.  If you have already sold yours, John and Eleanor Stover ( (573) 345-4772 would be happy to get more tickets to you.  Remember, for every dollar's worth of tickets you sell, your club keeps 50 cents.  John and Eleanor also have those good-looking Route 66 T-Shirts, Polos, Towels and Hats for sale.  Please work on selling all the raffle tickets you can.

The Fashion Show will be great. Jan Vaughn and Bruce Gilder ( (573) 364-2253 are getting it all set up and you won't want to miss the show.  You may contact her to let her know that you want to be in the show, and the forms are in the DOIN's or Jan will help you.

Fran Purnell says that the door prizes are coming along good.  Please try to get your door prizes to her as soon as possible so that she can have them ready. (573) 532-8691.

              Folks, Rosalyn and Clifford Ogle are putting the Souvenir book together and we have until the 15th of August 2007 to get everything in to them.  They are in need of District Officers pictures, Memorials, names of clubs and members who have purchased booster ribbons and your ads.  Full page ads for square dancers are $55.00, 1/2 page is $38.00, 1/4 page is $23.00.  For non dancers, the prices are $80.00, $55.00 and $32.00.  It would be nice to get an ad from each club and maybe some personal ads just saying HELLO.  Check to see if your local bank, gas station or any local business would like to advertise.  You can contact Clifford and Rosalyn at (573) 759-2127 

                District Presidents, fellow Square Dancers, Wes Dyer (Big Enis) made a statement to the crowd at our Twilight Twirlers Festival in July that everyone should support their State Dance because this is the one dance held in your state where all the money comes back to you.  This is a true statement.  Much of the money made by the State Dance goes back to each District to help with their lesson costs and some goes to help publish your DOIN's magazine. All you present and past Club Presidents know it costs to acquire a place to dance and to advertise. So, the more of you who pre-register, sell raffle tickets, buy or sell a shirt and attend the dance and buy ads,  the more money we will make to help out and promote Square Dancing. 

 Thanks for your time

Lets all support a good thing

   Mark & RosaLee Mortensen Chairman

Updated 3/22/08