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InterNet Communication Network Message: 

Date: October 31, 2011

To: All District Presidents and Square and Round Dancers

Please pass this E-Mail on to the clubs in your district.

Purpose of Message:

The USDA Insurance Chairman, Pat Inglis, is inquiring if clubs want to make suggestions as to additional events/items they would like to see covered under the USDA insurance policy. 

This is a survey only. Please read the letter from Pat Inglis carefully and make suggestions to DAVE TURNER, Missouri Federation Insurance Chairman.  You can make suggestions even if you do not take your insurance through the Missouri Federation.

If you have no suggestions and feel USDA insurance covers all you need it to cover, please you may also tell that to Dave Turner.

Edythe and Jim Weber, NW District President.

Message From Dave Turner, MO Fed Insurance Chairman:

Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 10:44 AM

Please see E-Mail below that was sent to all insurance chairmen.   Markel has requested that I do this since some issues have come up about our policy not specifically stating that a particular event is not covered. 

If you would like to make suggestions, they will be included in this survey that will be sent to Markel for their review.  As we have already signed our contract for 2012 these changes would be effective with our 2013 coverage.

Needless to say any changes would be presented to the council for approval since changes could increase our premium.

Please read the below email.

Send your response to the Missouri Insurance Coordinator:

Dave & Barb Turner
848 Claymont Drive
Ballwin, Missouri 63011-2461
636.227.6380 Or 314.614.7568

He will forward them to the USDA National Insurance Coordinator.

E-Mail From Patricia Inglis:


This is a very important e-mail and I need a response from all insurance chairman on this issue.

When our insurance was established it was set up primarily to cover dancing events. Over the years Markel has allowed some more things to be covered some consistently and others on a one time basis.

However recently Markel has been challenged on their coverage because certain things were not listed as not being covered in the policy; for example: social activities without dancing, travel to and from a dance, exhibition booths without dancing, etc.

Markel is requesting that we supply them with items that your dubs feel need insurance coverage for the future. For example, dancers have asked for coverage from the time they leave home until they return back to their home from a dancing activity; some have asked for coverage for automobile In pulling a trailer in a parade, coverage white dancing in a barn or home residence.

Markel is willing to review your requests and determine what they can cover under our present rate or what the cost of these extras would be in the future if our choice was to make our coverage broader.

The main reason that Markel has been able to offer us the tow rate for accident medical and liability was that it was to be for dancing activities only. We need to realize that if we make drastic changes in our coverage request that our fee will have to increase.

Please check with your clubs and sand me the information soon so that it can presented to Markel and we can clarify just exactly what will be covered under our policy.

Patricia Inglis
USDA Insurance Coordinato

Updated 11/1/11