National & Local Conventions:


68th National Square Dance Convention (Atlanta, Georgia - June 26-29 2019)

69th National Square Dance Convention (Spokane, Washington - June 17-20 2020)

70th National Square Dance Convention (Jackson, Mississippi - June 23-26 2021)

71st National Square Dance Convention (Evansville, Indiana - June 22-25 2022)

72nd National Square Dance Convention (Mobile, Alabama - June 21-24 2023)

73rd National Square Dance Convention (Milwaukee, Wisconsin - June 26-29, 2024)

Missouri State Festival

Kansas State Convention

Nebraska State Convention

Heart of America Federation Dance - HOA Fed Dance

USA West Square Dance Convention, August 18-21, 2021, San Diego, California

37th Annual IAGSDC Convention, July 2- 5, 2020, Denver, Colorado

38th Annual IAGSDC Convention, July 2-4, 2021, Houston, Texas

39th Annual IAGSDC Convention, May 26-29, 2022, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Natonal Square Dance Convention (NEC)R

Natonal & State Conventions & Festivals

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Heart of America Callers Association (HOAC) - Greater Kansas City Area

KAMO Callers Association (KAMO) - Greater Kansas City Area

Kansas Square Dance Callers Association (KSDCA)

Mid-Missouri Callers Association - Missouri

Nebraska Square & Round Dance Caller Association

North East Kansas Square Dance Callers Association (NEKSDCA)

Omaha Area Callers / Cuers Association

Saint Louis Area Square Dance Callers Guild - Saint Louis Area

Square Dance Callers Directory - All Missouri Database

Square Dance Callers Directory - Kansas City Area

Square Dance Callers Directory - Missouri

Square Dance Callers Directory - Northeast Kansas

Square Dance Callers By State (USA) (You 2 Can Dance Website)

Square Dance Callers By Provence (Canada) (You 2 Can Dance Website)

Amerrican Caller's Association



Caller Pictures - Missouri Federation Web Site

National Organizations & Web Sites:

Miscellaneous Web Sites:


Croco Hall

Dave Gipson - Square Dancing

Hilton Audio Products - Square Dancing

Kirkwood Lodge

Mainstream Movements - Animated By Noriko Takahashi

ReSashay Square Dance - A Unique Online Square Dance Consignment Shop

Square Dance Pictures & Videos

Square Dance Definitions

Supreme Audio - Square Dancing

The Square Dance Radio Network - SDRN

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