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Updated 8/8/21

August 8, 2021

From: Dave & Penny Byers
On behalf of Missouri Federation of Square ‘n Round Dance Clubs

To: All Missouri Federation Member Clubs

We are reaching out to the Missouri Federation Clubs to let you know due to basically 2 years of no income the Federation feels we have reached the point we need roll back some of our expenses. Therefore, we are temporarily putting some programs on hold and cutting out others we may be able to do without. We feel the Federation is important to maintain as it brings all the clubs together with one voice in the state and the nation.

The way this will most directly affect your club will be temporary suspension of reimbursement for lessons and advertising. Also, it may affect the amount of insurance rebate your club receives. We will know more for sure when we get the 2022 budget completed.

Just some thoughts of ways to handle this… if clubs can get their caller to donate a night of calling, promote this dance as a “lesson cost benefit dance” then use the funds from this dance to help pay your caller and venue for lessons. As a part of that, try your best to attend the “benefit dance” of your club and surrounding club dances.

If you need promotional materials like flyers, signs, etc., reach out to someone on the board. Others might have some things they can share.

Lastly, it is very important to promote and attend the Missouri Federation State Festival this year and encourage other dancers you haven’t seen in a while to register and attend as well. This is the primary income for the Missouri Federation.

As always, it is our pleasure to serve you in this capacity. If you ever have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to call, text, email, drop by or catch us at a dance and let us know.

Dave & Penny Byers, Missouri Federation President
211 Main Street
Cowgill Missouri 64637