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B-N-R Squares

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B-N-R Squares

The B-N-R Squares were formed in October 1993, by Ray Trowbridge and Barbara Kerns. They danced on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month at Stribling Hall.

The B-N-R Squares joined the Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs in October 1994. Their three sponsoring clubs were the Yellow Rockers, One X Ones and River City Single Squares.

In July 1995 they changed their dances to the 2nd Friday of each month and moved to McMurry United Methodist Church, Claycomo, in February of 1996. May 1997 Lynn Nelson joined Ray as the B-N-R's Co-Caller, due to Ray's work schedule and to help Lynn with her desire to become a caller.

In October 1997 the B-N-R's joined the Northwest District of the Missouri State Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs.

The 1997-98 square dance season was the first year the club qualified for the Heart of America Federation's Vigorous Visitors Program.

In May 1998 Ray turned the club over to Lynn.

In September 1998, the club moved to Park Hill Christian Church, Platte Woods, and began dancing on the 4th Friday. At this time, the club instituted the Banner Stealing Program.

When the church turned our hall into Sunday School rooms in 2000, we were forced to change halls. We moved to Barry Christian Church where we danced for 1 year with Thane Harris as Co-Caller.

In July of 2001, the club was moved to Gashland United Methodist Church. Thane resigned as Co-Caller in October of 2001 and Lynn resumed as sole caller for the club.

Lynn Nelson      2002

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