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March 2014

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars danced at Kearney Elementary School for 33 years. Van Coble organized and began calling for the Shooting Stars on October 1,1977 with sixteen couples and sponsored by the Ramblers and Boots & Bows. We were federated into the Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs on February 5,1978. We danced the first Saturday of each month. Within four months we had 32 couples in the club.

Van Coble was the first caller, giving lessons in his home in Holt, MO and called for the Shooting Stars four years then moved to Colorado. Mike Cox was a member of the club and was calling for the youth club, Spinning Stars. He called for us four years before transferring to Huntsville, Alabama. We then hired Jerry Thole to call for us. He was transferred here from Wichita, KS. He was with us one year And was transferred back to Wichita. Richard Lane called for us two years. In 1989 we started dancing the second Saturday of the month. Van Coble was back in town and started calling for us again. He called two years before his wife was transferred to Florida.

We were very fortunate to get Stan Brooke in 1991 as a club caller. He has been calling for us 23 years now and doing a fantastic job. A couple of our popular dances used to be the Willy Nelson and Wacky Wahinees dance. We always enjoyed the donkey dance until the school no longer allowed live animals on school grounds. Shooting Stars were known for the Haunted House Dances in October. These dances held from 1978 to 1982 were always a howling success! We are always trying to think up fun entertainment for our visitors. We have actively participated in banner stealing and Vigorous Visitor program for 36 years. In 2013 eighteen members participated in and completed the Travel Missouri Program going to every district in the state and the state dance. In 2010 we moved our dance location to Hawthorne Elementary, still in Kearney, MO.

We do a lot of other activities together other than square dancing. We have card parties, hayrides, picnics, fish fry's and camping trips. You name it, we're usually ready to go. We have a lot of fun and fellowship with our square dance family and we hope to continue for many, many more years. We still have one Charter Member in the club, Betty Campbeil-Hecker.

Submitted by Charlie and Gina Baker (2014)

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Shooting Stars