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Updated 6/3/20

Missouri State Festival

Last Square Standing


Formerly known as, The Marvin and Bettyrae Fluke Memorial Dance-Off, the Last Square Standing offers square dancers the opportunity to demonstrate and match their dancing skills with other square dancers.

A square consisting of eight (8) members that are capable of dancing at the mainstream level must pre-register with the committee prior to the dance-off. All team members must be registered attendees of the festival.

Teams may register starting at 5:00 PM Friday night, through 3:30 PM Saturday afternoon (Check Schedule) of the Festival weekend. Competition will usually begin at about 3:45 PM Saturday in the main ballroom (Check Schedule).

Rules used during the dance-off will be those set forth in the USDA publication IS-067.


Each square will have a judge with two flags, one red and one yellow.


If the square breaks down but can keep dancing within ten (10) counts by the judge, they can continue to dance. The judge will count with the yellow end of the flag.


If the square cannot continue to dance within the ten (10) counts to the music, they will get the "Red Flag". Then they are out of the Dance-Off.


The broken down square may not make lines, but must continue dancing without making lines.


The square must end the tip in the correct position.


If there is a tie, the squares will continue dancing until the "Last Square Standing".

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