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Fed Facts

Fed Facts


    Published for Square & Round Dancers by the "Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs"

Area Covered:

    Greater Kansas City, Missouri area including listings for clubs from Higginsville, Missouri on the east to Lawrence, Kansas on the west.  From St. Joseph, Missouri on the north to Ottawa, Kansas on the south

Publishing Schedule:


Information included:

    Schedule of most dances in the area
    Directions to dance locations in the area
    Chatter from member clubs
    Listing of special dances
    Listing of square and round dance lessons
    Listing of member clubs
    Listing of area callers and cuers

    Listing of Federation officers
    Listing of Fed Facts officers
    Club Web Pages

Subscription Information:

    $24.00 per year
    Rates for new dancers will be prorated for the remaining months of our subscription year.
    Make Checks Payable to:  Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs or HOAFOSDC.
    Send subscriptions and renewals to the Circulation Manager.
    Subscription Year Starts With The December / January Issue

    Individual Subscription Form
    Group Subscription Form


For information concerning ads, contact the Advertising Manager. Mail or e-mail photo ready ads to the Advertising Manager. Mail ad payments to the Treasurer.

Advertising Rates:

AD Rates (per issue):




Per Issue

Per Year

Per Issue

Per Year

Full Page (6" X 7 1/4")





Half Page (6" X 3 5/8")





Third Page (6" X 2 3/8")





Sixth Page (2 7/8" X 2 3/8")





Ads MUST be camera ready!  Deadline for all Departments: 1 month & 5 days preceding issue date.
Make Checks Payable to:  Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs or HOAFOSDC.


Contact Circulation Manager before the first of the month for address changes and new subscriptions.

Club Chatter:

Up to 200 words will be printed for any Federated Club at no charge. Mail or E-Mail to the Editor.

Let's Go Dancing:

Available to advertisers and Federated Clubs only.
Note: "Fed Facts" will not list any event that conflicts with the Federation Dance. Mail or e-mail to the Editor.

Location Listings: 

Provided to any advertiser or Federated Club at no charge. Should include directions and phone number. Submit for August/September issue only, unless there is a change. Mail or e-mail to the Editor.


    Fed Facts Deadlines For Submitting Chatter, Advertisements, Articles, and Pictures!
    Dec / Jan - Deadline - October 25 Jun / Jul - Deadline - April 25
    Feb / Mar - Deadline - December 25 Aug / Sep - Deadline - Jun 25
    Apr / May - Deadline - February 25 Oct / Nov - Deadline - August 25


Martin & Linda Kline
16216 West 132nd Terrace
Olathe, Kansas 66062-1572
Editor E-Mail

For Fed Facts articles & Chatter
Editor E-Mail

For ads:
Editor E-Mail

For Lets Go Dancing (LGD) & Location Listings
Editor E-Mail

Co-Editor/Circulation Manager:

Tom & Susan Bender
14146 West 138th Court
Olathe, Kansas 66062-5087
Circulation Manager E-Mail


Send all payments and Address Changes to the Circulation Manager

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