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Updated 6/14/23

Carol Davis Trollope
 August 12, 1930 ~ May 31, 2023

On the evening of May 31st, 2023, at the remarkable age of 92, our cherished and radiant Carol Davis Trollope peacefully transitioned into the loving arms of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With a wooden cross held firmly in her hand, she embarked on her eternal journey.

Carol Davis Trollope, a woman of vibrant spirit and cherished memories, first graced this world in St. Louis, Missouri on August 12, 1930. Her loving parents, Chester Arthur and Mary Magdalene Ryan Davis, welcomed her with open arms, alongside her older sister Marilyn Davis Preis. Growing up in Webster Groves, she delighted in her years of education, attending grade school and eventually graduating from Webster Groves High School in 1948.

In her youthful days filled with joy, Carol discovered her passion for music as an accomplished piano player and talented singer. She also embraced the values of loyalty and adventure through her involvement in the Girl Scouts. Alongside her musical and scouting pursuits, she developed an enduring love for the culinary arts and sewing. A dreamer, a doer, and a thinker even from an early age, Carol possessed a unique ability to envision possibilities in every corner of life.

Following her high school graduation, Carol Davis Trollope embarked on her educational journey at The Margaret A. Hickey Business School, affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis. During her time there, she dedicated herself to mastering essential skills for the business world. Through diligent practice, she refined her typing and proper letter-writing abilities, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in her communication. Not only did she learn to answer the phone with a warm smile, but she also acquired invaluable knowledge in business etiquette, fashionably professional attire, and maintaining an upright posture with knees together, lower legs angled, and a poised bearing while typing. Among the skills she acquired, shorthand writing proved to be her greatest asset, serving her well throughout her life, especially when she desired privacy and discretion in her personal notes, shielding them from prying eyes, including those of her children.

Armed with her professionally honed skills, Carol embarked on a remarkable career as the secretary to the President of Holland America Cruise Lines, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Her dedication and work ethic were unwavering, and she lived by the mantra, "Keep your nose to the grindstone," emphasizing the importance of perseverance and diligence in achieving success.

Prepare for a fairytale moment, as Prince Charming arrived and captured Carol's heart. It was a serendipitous encounter when she crossed paths with George Albert Trollope, Jr., and from that very moment, their connection was undeniable. Their love blossomed swiftly, and they became inseparable during their courtship. The culmination of their deep affection led to a joyous occasion—their wedding on September 1st, 1951.

In the enchanting setting of Webster Hills Methodist Church in Webster Groves, MO, Carol and George embarked on their lifelong journey together. The air was filled with romance as they exchanged eternal vows, illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight during a mesmerizing evening ceremony. Waste no time they did, for immediately after their nuptials, they embarked on a memorable honeymoon, embarking in George's car, venturing towards the renowned Niagara Falls in Canada.

It was a fairy tale beginning, where love, adventure, and shared dreams intertwined to create a beautiful chapter in their lives.

Nestled within the serene and charming neighborhood of Crestwood, Mo., Carol and George found their haven, a place where their love would flourish and their family would thrive. This idyllic setting proved to be the perfect environment for them to raise their three beloved children, showering them with unconditional love at every step.

Carol, a remarkable wife, homemaker, and mother, embraced her roles with boundless love and dedication. Her active involvement in the community, church, Girl Scouting, and her children's classrooms showcased her deep commitment to making a positive impact. One of Carol's greatest joys was celebrating holidays and birthdays, infusing their home with a sense of joy and festivity. She paid meticulous attention to detail, adorning their house with carefully chosen decorations for each special occasion, creating a magical ambiance for all to enjoy.

With her passion for music, Carol's talent as an avid piano player shone brightly. Patiently and lovingly, she shared her knowledge and taught her children the basics of piano playing on the cherished family instrument. The melodious sounds echoed through the walls, accompanied by her beautiful voice as she serenaded her loved ones with heartfelt songs. Among all the holidays, Christmas held a special place in Carol's heart. Her love for the season was palpable as she effortlessly performed her vast collection of Christmas songs, forever etched in her memory.

Carol's legacy lives on through the echoes of her piano melodies and the cherished memories she created during those festive celebrations. Her love for music, her dedication to her family, and her unwavering holiday spirit will forever be treasured by her loved ones, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

In 1969, Carol and George embarked on a new chapter in their lives as they constructed a splendid new home in the tranquil and rural town of Guilford, CT. This move allowed them to revel in the beauty of nature, as they embraced the abundance of land surrounding their residence. It was here that Carol's green thumb truly flourished, as she honed her gardening skills with unwavering dedication.

An aficionado of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs, Carol delved into the world of horticulture with enthusiasm. Her expansive backyard provided the canvas for her gardening endeavors, where she cultivated a thriving vegetable garden. The bountiful harvests prompted Carol to venture into the art of canning and pickling, preserving the flavors of her homegrown vegetables. Her generosity knew no bounds, although she often found herself with an abundance of produce that she couldn't give away quickly enough.

As Carol's passion for gardening deepened, her focus gradually shifted towards flowers. Her knowledge of botanical wonders grew to such an extent that she could identify a flower with a mere glimpse of its leaf. One of her cherished interests was "gardening by the moon," a practice guided by the lunar phases, which she embraced wholeheartedly.

During her time in Guilford, Carol found herself immersed in the vibrant community of Christ Episcopal Church. Her active involvement in the women's group became a significant part of her life, and she took immense pride in serving as the president of the Episcopal Church Women for several years. Her dedication and commitment to her faith community were an inspiration to those around her.

Carol's passion for gardening, her involvement in her church, and her unwavering love for her new home in Guilford left an indelible mark on her journey. Her green thumb and her vibrant spirit continue to bloom in the memories of those who had the privilege of knowing her.

After an eventful 18 years in Guilford, CT, during which their children ventured out into the world, Carol and George decided to return to their roots in the St. Louis area. They set their sights on Lake St. Louis, MO, where they embarked on building a new home, intending for it to be their forever haven.

Throughout her life, Carol's passion for gardening remained unwavering, with a particular fondness for flowers. This love for floral beauty drew her and George to become esteemed members of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, located in downtown St. Louis. As avid supporters of the gardens, they delighted in attending the captivating flower shows and holiday events, with a special fondness for the mesmerizing Christmas holiday showcase.

In the enchanting setting of the gardens, Carol's heart found solace and inspiration amidst the vibrant displays of nature's wonders. The beauty of the flowers, meticulously arranged to captivate visitors, brought her immense joy and a sense of serenity. The Christmas holiday show, in particular, held a special place in her heart, evoking cherished memories and igniting the festive spirit within her.

With each visit to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Carol's love for flowers and her appreciation for the artistry behind their presentation deepened. It was a sanctuary where she and George could immerse themselves in the enchantment of nature's tapestry, forging beautiful memories together.

As they settled into their forever home in Lake St. Louis, MO, Carol's passion for gardening and her connection to the Missouri Botanical Gardens continued to enrich her life. The beauty she discovered within the blossoms mirrored the beauty she carried within her own soul, forever blooming and inspiring those around her.

The enchantment of Christmas held a special place in Carol's heart, making it her "Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Her love for the holiday was so profound that she adorned her living room with a majestic Christmas tree that remained a cherished centerpiece year-round. It served as a constant reminder of the joy and warmth that Christmas brought into her life.

Carol and George's devotion to the Christmas spirit extended beyond their home. They became integral members of The St. Louis Christmas Carols Association, immersing themselves in the uplifting work of spreading holiday cheer. For more than two decades, Carol and George selflessly served as Area Chairmen for the Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, and O'Fallon regions, leading the way in organizing and coordinating activities.

Their tireless efforts were driven by a deep compassion for children and a commitment to making a positive impact on their lives. Through their involvement with The St. Louis Christmas Carols Association, they raised substantial funds for children's charities, channeling their Christ-like love into tangible support for those in need. Their unwavering dedication touched the lives of countless individuals, bringing smiles to faces and hope to hearts during the holiday season.

In recognition of her long-standing and dedicated service to The St. Louis Christmas Carols Association, Carol affectionately earned the endearing nickname "Christmas Carol." It was a fitting tribute to her unwavering commitment to spreading the joy and spirit of Christmas, embodying the true essence of the holiday throughout the year.

Carol's legacy as "Christmas Carol" will forever be intertwined with the joyous celebrations, the enduring love for children, and the boundless generosity that defined her life. Her unwavering passion for Christmas lives on, continuing to inspire others to embrace the season's magic and share the gift of love with those around them.

Carol and her beloved husband embraced an active role within their community, finding a sense of belonging and fostering meaningful connections. They dedicated themselves to Living Lord Lutheran Church in Lake St. Louis, where their faith was nurtured and their spirits uplifted by the congregation. The church became a cherished place of worship, providing a supportive community that became an extension of their family.

Additionally, Carol and her husband found joy in engaging with various social groups that further enriched their lives. Among these was the Pontooners and Cookout Group in Lake St. Louis, where they shared laughter, delicious meals, and countless memorable moments with their fellow members. Through these gatherings, they formed lasting friendships that stood the test of time.

Another source of enjoyment for Carol and her husband was their active involvement in the St. Peters Square Dance Club. Beyond the exhilaration of the dance itself, they cherished the camaraderie and deep bonds they forged with their fellow dancers. The club served as a platform for not only twirling on the dance floor but also for creating enduring friendships that enriched their lives.

Through their participation in these various groups and organizations, Carol and her husband built a vibrant social network, fostering connections that spanned a lifetime. Their engagement was driven not solely by the activities themselves but by the genuine friendships and sense of community they discovered along the way. These cherished relationships became an integral part of their lives, infusing each day with joy, laughter, and the warmth of true friendship.

In 2016, Carol experienced an immense loss with the passing of her beloved George, the love of her life and her closest companion. The void left by his departure was profound, but Carol's unwavering strength and deep-rooted faith in Christ provided her solace and the assurance of a future reunion in heaven.

After this significant chapter in her life, Carol embarked on a new journey, finding a home at The Boulevard in Wentzville, MO. It was within these welcoming walls that she discovered a vibrant community and forged new, lifelong friendships. True to her nature, Carol radiated the light of Christ, always seeking to uplift and inspire those around her.

One of Carol's most cherished activities was reaching out to those who found themselves sitting alone in the bustling dining hall. Her heart overflowed with compassion, and she sought to brighten their day with her presence and attentive companionship. Through her enduring smile, inner beauty, and unwavering positive attitude, Carol became a well-known figure among both the residents and staff at The Boulevard.

Carol's genuine warmth and kindness left an indelible mark on the hearts of those she encountered. Her unwavering faith and determination to let Christ's light shine through her life resonated with everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. In turn, she was embraced as a beloved member of the community, where her presence brought comfort, joy, and a sense of belonging to all those fortunate enough to cross her path.

As Carol continued her journey at The Boulevard, she continued to embody the love and grace of Christ, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those around her. Her unwavering spirit, resilient smile, and unwavering positive outlook served as a testament to the strength of her character and the enduring power of love.

On the evening of May 31st, after seven years of temporary separation, Carol was joyfully reunited with her beloved and eternal husband, George, marking the longest period of time they had been apart in their remarkable 65 years of marriage. Their souls, intertwined and inseparable, now dance together in heavenly bliss.

As a source of solace for the family, it brings comfort to know that our beloved Carol peacefully passed away in her sleep, released from the burdens of suffering and pain. Today, and every day going forward, we will celebrate her extraordinary life, for she is now liberated from earthly struggles and possesses a clarity of mind that knows no bounds. May her memory forever inspire us to cherish our loved ones and embrace the profound peace she has found in the arms of Jesus Christ.

Your loving and forever grateful children and family, Stephen (Randi) Trollope, Gail Trollope Schultz, G Brian (Lauren) Trollope Grandchildren: Lindsay (Ron) Mills,Eric (Amanda) Schultz, G. Cooper (Cindy) Trollope, B. Carter Trollope, Caroline M. Trollope, and A. Colson Trollope Great Grandchildren: Elizabeth Mills, Trevor Mills, Sophie Schultz, and Griffin Schultz

A memorial service will be held Jul 29, 2023, 8:30 AM. A family-only ceremony will follow.