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Updated 2/25/24

Notice:  It has come to my attention that some people are under the mistaken impression that only I-Phones are able to use QR codes.  This is not true.  ALL smart phones can use QR codes.  This includes most cell phones in use today.  I-Phones are just one of the many brands of full service smart phones able to use QR codes.

St. Louis Metro Dance Schedules

Now available On Your Cell Phone

QR code instructions. This is the most common procedure to use a QR code.

On your phone, the procedure may vary.

Unfortunately, not all phones use the same procedure.
1. Turn the camera on your phone on,
2. Some phones require that you touch a button to activate the ability to recognize QR codes. Most do not,
3. Aim the camera at the QR code,
4. A button, icon, or web address should appear. Tap on it. Some phones do this with two steps,
5. The Schedule should open,
6. Turn your phone “Horizontal”, Most phones require that “Screen Rotate” be turned on for this function to work.

If the schedule does not spread out to fill the screen when you turn your phone “Horizontal”, turn on the “Screen Rotate” function on, on your phone. It is usually in a pull down menu, or in the “Set Up” section. It may be left on without affecting other operations of the phone.

The QR code will work with most cell phones & tablets.

This QR code is also available on the St. Louis Metro Website -

QR Codes are also available for your club website or the flyer for your special dance. They are very nice to add to you club Face Book page. Contact the Webmaster.

Questions: Ask the Webmaster or 816.223.0803 or E-Mail