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 Missouri Promenaders
Square Dance Club

Missouri Promenaders Presidents

Mark & Donna Hasemier
John & Sharon Langley
Dave & June Ledford
Earl & Maggie Brinkman
Vern & Eunice Thieman
Jerry & Joyce Chancey

The Ctub was established in 1976 when a group of people got together at the VFW Hall in Florissant, Missouri to squaye dance. They called themselves the Missouri VFW Promenaders- They danced every Tuesday night.

In 1979, 12 couples started lessons and finished in 1980. The next two years they grew in numbers and soon the YFW Hall could not hold all the dancers so tlaey moved to John Knox Presbyterian Church. Then they changed their name to the Missouri Promenaders.

One thing remains today from the old Club. The flag on the badge of long time members representirlg tlte start at tlle VFW HalL

Aii Souls Church has not alwuys been ihe Ciub hall. Combs School, Immanuel United Church of Christ, and John Knox Presbyterian Church are afew of the halls used by the Club for dances.

The Missouri Promenarlers have graciuated many new dancers. One ciass had as many as forty dancers. Our instructors have been Earl Kinsey, Tom Morgan, Wayne Akers, Marvin Keppler, Jirn 'WHO' Cholmondeley and Stan Mangogna. Don't hold the way we dance against our instructors,  We were taught the "Right Way".

Club activities have all centered around square dancing. To name a few: Base Ball Games, Picnics, Patio Dances, Christmas Pcrties, River Boat Danctng, Halloween Parties, Hay Rides, Six Flags Country Fairs, State Square Dances, and Nationai Square Dance Conventions.

The Club has completed 20 "We Done Its".

Sircce April of 1982, membership has grown from 25 up to 120 and now is down to 23 dancers,.

Our goals for the future include:

To introduce as many people to square dancing as possible,

To retain our current members,

To provide a variety of talented and challenging callers and cuers,

To continue to promote square dancing as an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, both the young and the young-at-heart.

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Missouri Promenaders