Square & Round Dance Videos - 2020
Heart of America Federation of Square Dance Clubs

Square Dance Videos

Cross Trailers, 70th Anniversary Club Celebration Video Presentation 2020 - 5//16/20


16:46 Minutes

River City Rounds Valentines Day Dance - St. Louis, Missouri - 2/14/20.


Gerry Tevlin - Flim Flam Man: Foxtrot


2:26 Minutes

Gerry Tevlin - Irish Washerwoman: Cha


3:01 Minutes

Carolyn Ahart Cueing Twirl-A-Rounds Quarterly Dance - Remember When: Foxtrot - Springfield, Missouri - 2/2/20.


3:38 Minutes

River City Rounds New Year's Eve Dance 12/31/19 in St. Louis, Missouri


Gerry Tevlin Cueing "Colors Rumba"


2:44 Minutes

Pat Hilton Cueing "Come Dance With Me"


2:40 Minutes

Bob Tevlin Cueing "Last Cheaters Waltz"


3:41 Minutes


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Updated 2/8/23

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