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Tanglefooters Round Dance Club

Our Mission:

To teach, promote, and perpetuate choreographed ballroom dancing as a wholesome, enjoyable recreational activity of the highest standard for the whole family. We are a Phase II-IV intermediate-level club (dancing a few easy V's), committed to teaching beginners and developing competent round dancers.

Our History:

The Tanglefooters Dance Club began in Joplin in 1975, and we have been dancing continuously ever since. We just celebrated our 36th anniversary in November of 2011. We are a member-run club, with an elected board of officers.

The Tanglefooters Round Dance Club was founded in 1975 as the result of beginning round dance lessons conducted in the Joplin area. Of the charter members of the club, we still have one couple dancing every Monday night, or as often as they can, as they have slowed down just a little over the years. Below you will see a photo of Rusty and Jean Kunkler, who compose part of the heart and soul of the club. Next to their photo is that of another longtime Tanglefooter couple, Paul & Trula Shipman, who have been dancing with the club for more than 20 years. On the right are Ron & Nancy McGlochien, who have been associated with the Tanglefooters since 1978. All three of these couples have been involved in every phase of club leadership over the years, and Ron & Nancy have just been elected to the board of the Missouri Round Dance Association (MRDA).

Jean & Rusty Kunkler

Paul & Trula Shipman

Ron & Nancy McGlochien

Our club has a lot of heart and soul. Following are some other club VIP's who help to make the Tanglefooters a special club. Our longtime club cuer is Jerry Yockey. Jerry & Dorothy (Dot) Yockey moved to Joplin in 2002 after many years of living in Ft. Scott, Kansas, and driving 60 miles one way to Joplin on Monday nights to teach round dance lessons and cue for the club. They also drove to Joplin on Wednesday nights to dance at the Kunklers' house with the DiCe Dancers, higher-level round dance "Carousel" directed by Cecil and Diane Epperson. Cecil & Diane are charter club members who were in the second-ever Tanglefooters lessons group. They have moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas, but they still drive up to Joplin on Wednesday nights to host the DiCe Dancers. Another Tanglefooter VIP couple are Charlie & Marilyn Mock. Charlie is immediate past president of the club, and Marilyn is the former longtime treasurer of the club. Charlie & Marilyn are active in round dance at the state level, currently serving as board members of the MRDA. They have also served on committees for the Universal Round Dance Council, the international organization, which had its annual convention in Joplin in the summer of 2002 and will again in the summer of 2007. Below you will see photos of Jerry & Dot, Cecil & Dianne, and Charlie & Marilyn.

Dot & Jerry Yockey

Diane & Cecil Epperson

Charlie & Marilyn Mock

These couples have been leaders for many years in founding and growing the club to what it is today--a fun-loving, caring family of people passionately devoted to spreading the good news of round dancing in the 4-state area.

Updated 10/16/12